Keep it like a Secret

The knowledge hungry grackles are at it again. This one is writing with one of Hedwig’s feathers in a tiny, hand-stitched book.




As an aside, I cut the side of my thumb off while working on this. I made the book with 8 fingers and one thumb. The gauze kept interfering with the fine paper. Trying to sew with that on was challenging and for this reason, I’m especially proud of this one.


The Binding of the Ghoul

The Ghoul was bound to the Grackles and then released, once he was tethered to their collective will. This shows the end result – complete with a real bird’s nest that Leezle found this summer. The reliquary was found in the dollar isle at Target. What a bargain – I don’t think Target realizes what they have there.

I tried making a bird’s nest out of paper. I made several and they weren’t very good. I studied this one, and I’ve been working with it for a while – it truly is a marvel.