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Rest Well, Pumpkin.


Joie de Vivre

Meet Fat Charlie, guinea pig

Fat Charlie, guinea pig

Fat Charlie was found in a bag with 80 other guinea pigs in a school yard on a cold December morning. They were dumped there by some human garbage, a breeder probably, that got tired of them. He’s just a few weeks old. And I am so glad to have him.

Fat Charlie, Guinea Pig Leezle and Fat Charlie, Guinea Pig Leezle + Fat Charlie, Guinea Pig Fat Charlie, Guinea Pig


Joie de Vivre

Goodnight, Pants

I love you and miss you.


Take Some Pets to the Vets

“When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.”

~ Mrs. Cosmopolite

I took some of our critters to the pet hospital yesterday during my lunch break. The newest member of our family had his wings clipped. It went as well as I thought it would – he hated it. But, he totally blames the vet and not me.

Joie de Vivre

April First

I don’t usually play jokes on April fool’s day, because I figure I do that enough throughout the year – it’s best to give some other people a chance.  One of my colleagues pulled a hilarious gag – he announced on the JHU Web site the Johns Hopkins was dropping the “s” in Johns, to finally eradicate confusion.

Well done! I hope he gets to keep his job.

Another reason I like April fool’s day is that, for me, it marks the end of Winter – I usually run out of cold weather  endurance sometime in March. I took a few days off to spend time with my girls over their spring break. We accomplished a lot!

We found this dead bee in the sink, which is a sure sign the spring is here:

The kiddos and I toured the “big slice” pizza places in Hampden – Angelo’s wins because Bela Roma doesn’t serve their “Mega Slice” anymore – sissys. For those outside of Hampden – Angelos serves a slice that’s around the size of a small-to-medium Pizza for $4. It’s really good pizza, too.

We visited the American Visionary Art Museum and I scored some boss new readers at the museum store.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I was in focus.

Today, we attended the Cézanne exhibit at the BMA. It was great, nicely done. One of the things I appreciate about Cézanne is the tendency to use strong outlines on a lot of his elements, which showed up in a lot of the non-Cézanne works in the exhibit.  Of course, that shows up in almost every comic book I own, as well as most animated cartoons I’ve watched – thus, Cézanne is the father of modern comic books, too.  Also, I learned a lot about these America Artists in the exhibit,  a lot of whom are brand new to me.

We revisited some other treasures of the BMA…


Robert Rauschenberg – Honorarium 1981

Henri Matisse in his studio, and odalisques

Vampire  heiny

And finally, even the pigs enjoyed some lovely weather.

Ah, spring. At last.

Joie de Vivre

Three Little Pigs

The girls went out today to adopt new pets – a pair of lady Guinea pigs. The previous owner insisted that the third member of the family come home, too, and donated him to the cause.  Soooooo, it seems I have a Guinea pig of my very own.  It will be good to have another fella around the house.

As an added bonus, he looks kind of like a goat.


The trouble is, I’m having a heck of a time choosing a name for him. “Olaf” immediately came to mind, followed by “Cravistan,” “Magritte,” and “Sri Sumbhajee.” He really looks like a “Sri Sumbhajee.” Leezle wants me to name him “WordPress.” So many good names! Picasso, Bartok, Lentil, Dumbledore, Goat, Bantha, Hoss, Chewbacca, Pablo, Drummer, Pecker, Larry. See what I mean? I can’t decide.

Anyway – he’s boss.