Fisherman’s House

A runny mess.

The fisherman's house

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Frisky & the Squishy Brains


Two More for the Swap

Here’s two more for the sketchbook swap – these two are in Dawn’s book. Pen and ink, as usual.

the Waterbug and the bee.

The Waterbug and the Bee, pen and ink.

The Doctor's Office

I’m calling this one “The Doctor’s Office” for the moment. That’s not quite right, though – I know what’s happening, but I can’t explain it. Or, I won’t explain it. Maybe I shouldn’t explain it.
© copyright jim doran 2008



Forgotten © 2008 Jim Doran
Pen and Ink. © copyright 2008 jim doran.

Drawn on the train this morning. Happy Illustration Friday.


Things Bumping in the Night

More drawing fun! Here are some sketches for upcoming comics.

sleeping lady

Cactus Battle ©

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Cactus Battle

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Pen and ink, © Copyright Jim Doran 2008 all rights reserved.


Monthly Sketchbook Challenge Closes

I filled a 100 page sketchbook during the month of May, thanks to the Sketchbook Challenge.

Sketchbook book

I noticed a few things.

  • Moleskines, which were invented by Hobbits, will never replace my trusty, all-purpose sketchbooks. I do not love the yellow pages, and they don’t take my favorite pens’ ink well. I enjoy writing and making notes in them, but I think they become a large part of the art itself, rather than just containing the art. Still, I intend to try the watercolor variety – I painted in this one quite a bit.
  • I produced the 7 Fish drawing because of this challenge, and came up with two other ideas that I’m working on. For that alone I am very glad I did this.
  • I’ve never completely filled a sketchbook before this – I always leave a few pages blank.

This was totally fun. It feels like I just finished a really great novel and already miss the characters.

I posted all the sketches (except one really good screw up, and the two really good ideas) on flickr.