Anatomy of a Crime Scene

It looks like the crime spree continues. Scene number five is found in a scientific laboratory. When will this end?

Science lab diorama in an altoids tin.

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

Yet another crime scene in a weathered Altoids tin. This time at an annual prune eating contest. What’s worse – the plunger was missing! Great Scott!

Speaking for myself, I think one would be well advised to avoid these events.

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

Outer space scene

Anatomy of a crime scene #4. Crime can happen in outer space.

For example, it might happen on an asteroid hurtling through the cosmos, passing through clouds of space dust, and the evidence might never be found. Certainly, stranger things have happened.

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

Here is the second installment of the Anatomy of a Crime Scene, following up on the drawing room scene. This also occurred in a very weather Altoids box.

Altoids tin with desert cliff and road inside
Altoids tin with desert cliff and road inside
Detail of ACME box on a cliff
A hole in the ground under a cliff
Weathered cinnamon Altoids box

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

I tried an experiment, where I left Altoid tins in my garden bed to see if they would rust.

A garden bed littered with altoid tins.

Some of them did rust a little bit, and some faded in the sun! I know you are wondering why you didn’t think to try this yourself – don’t despair! You also can fade your own Altoid tins in the sun! Here’s how:

  1. Place Altoid tins in a garden bed, your yard, a patio, or on the dashboard of a automobile
  2. Wait

My initial experiment involved two regular “red” Altoid boxes, and one Cinnamon box. I started at the end of the summer in 2019, and let them sit outside all winter. It wasn’t until later spring that I noticed the finish was fading. The second batch, shown above, started in July, and some of the boxes began fading within 3 weeks.

This diorama is in a box from the first batch. It shows, as you might guess, the Anatomy. of a Crime Scene.

Faded Altoid box, top edge view
Faded Altoid box
Cut paper diorama in Altoid tin showing a sitting room
Detail from a diorama showing a knife and wellington boot