Bump in the Night

More acrylic, gloppy fun at 5×7.  It kind of makes me want to change my name to Clancy Frankenbacon.

This is a scan, and since acrylics are shiny (aye, shiny), I find it almost impossible to capture.



For Illustration Friday, adrift (India ink applied on acrylic paint with nib pen).

And here with a dime for scale:

We’ve been adrift like jellyfish in ice water. Baltimore has had two blizzards in one week – something that’s never happened before.

I am not teaching any  classes at the community college this term, nor are any of my graduate school classes running. I’m using the time to paint more – including oil painting. So far, acrylics have been my favorite because they dry quickly. They can be mixed with water to resemble watercolor, but don’t run once dry. I’m interested to do some things with oils.

Stay warm. Can’t wait for spring.



Painting is the  wilderness for me. It’s one of the things on this year’s TODO list. So far, I think I like acrylics more than watercolors.  Here’s a gal out enjoying the wilderness (please scroll down to see the scale I’m working at):

Here she is with a dime, for scale:

And, in the spirit of  “release, release, release,” here are some other things I worked on today.

Raise no more devils than you can lay down.

A room without a view:

Better The Devil You Know

I apologize for the low quality of my images. All of this stuff looks better in real life.  I need to find a solution to my scanner, I think. Happy Illustration Friday.


The Dead Man and the Sea

A large black bird once explained that in order  to escape the Land of the Dead, one must drain the Dead Sea, one swallow at a time. Then, one can walk across the ocean floor to the Land of the Living.
Dead Man and the Sea

Our protagonist sits on a reef, just off the coast of the Land of the Dead with a bottle. Acrylic paint on canvas board, 5″ X 7″.


Happy Halloween

While waiting for the girls to get all dolled up for Trick-or-Treating, I messed around with some acrylics. I have zombies on the brain (get it? braaaaiiiiins).

Love you dead.

Happy Halloween!