Joie de Vivre

Three Little Pigs

The girls went out today to adopt new pets – a pair of lady Guinea pigs. The previous owner insisted that the third member of the family come home, too, and donated him to the cause.  Soooooo, it seems I have a Guinea pig of my very own.  It will be good to have another fella around the house.

As an added bonus, he looks kind of like a goat.


The trouble is, I’m having a heck of a time choosing a name for him. “Olaf” immediately came to mind, followed by “Cravistan,” “Magritte,” and “Sri Sumbhajee.” He really looks like a “Sri Sumbhajee.” Leezle wants me to name him “WordPress.” So many good names! Picasso, Bartok, Lentil, Dumbledore, Goat, Bantha, Hoss, Chewbacca, Pablo, Drummer, Pecker, Larry. See what I mean? I can’t decide.

Anyway – he’s boss.