I can’t resist posting this for this week’s Illustration Friday prompt. It’s a logo for a band I was in long ago.

Imbalance (unbalanced)

Fisherman’s House

A runny mess.

The fisherman's house

Frisky & the Squishy Brains

Two More for the Swap

Here’s two more for the sketchbook swap – these two are in Dawn’s book. Pen and ink, as usual.

the Waterbug and the bee.

The Waterbug and the Bee, pen and ink.

The Doctor's Office

I’m calling this one “The Doctor’s Office” for the moment. That’s not quite right, though – I know what’s happening, but I can’t explain it. Or, I won’t explain it. Maybe I shouldn’t explain it.
© copyright jim doran 2008


Forgotten © 2008 Jim Doran
Pen and Ink. © copyright 2008 jim doran.

Drawn on the train this morning. Happy Illustration Friday.