Skate & Create


A shirt design for our roller derby “A” team, the folks who travel and play “A” teams from other leagues.  I made at least 14 versions of this – and I think this is the best. I did it in a hurry.  ;)


Lost at Sea


I made this piece to auction at the Chesapeake Roller Derby fundraiser (tomorrow night as of this writing, if you are interested). I had a lot of fun making the fluid waves and the smallest Jolly Roger ever and the first mermaid to show up. The diorama is in a Cento anchovies tin. It’s kind of the opposite of an Altoids tin.


Up next, working on several pieces for an April group show in DC.

Skate & Create

Roller Derby Pirates

Last September, my girls watched “Whip It” and became enamored with Roller Derby. They started roller skating and practiced hard. They were serious. I contacted the Chesapeake Roller Derby to inquire when kids can join up.

Around Thanksgiving, Chloe became very ill, left school and has been struggling ever since. The Chesapeake Roller Derby found out about it and were very supportive.  This evening, a bunch of their pirates (and maybe a couple of vampires) visited us at home. We hadn’t met these folks until tonight.

They made her a team shirt and brought her swag and hung out.  Things have been so hard lately – it was a gift to see Cocoa smile so much.

I need to say that everyone in our community has been wonderful – the Cedarmere PTA, the families from work and our neighbors. As we struggle with trying to get help for Chloe, the people around rise up and pitch in when we need it most.

Tonight was really special. The Chesapeake Roller Derby folks are truly wonderful. Thank you.


Joie de Vivre



It’s “Lord” now, actually