Insomnia Haiku #7

This is a reworking of #3.

Words make things better,
Reliving my day again,
I should have said that.

Watch This…

A raccoon wearing two watches
One watch is for current time...
One watch marks future time...
How does that work?
Can you see the future? Yes it's on my right arm.

Danger & Filth

Danger and Filth: Baltimore.

I love Baltimore, I chose to move here almost 30 years ago. It’s an amazing city, and a beautiful one. It’s full of hardworking, loving families. It has a vibrant cultural scene, and is home to numerous universities and colleges, both public and private.

It sucks when the president of the United States insults my home. In short, I hope our country finds a way out of this mess soon.

WIP: Opening scene, Roshambos

This is the opening scene of a short called the Benefits of Radiation. I’ve already prepped most of the sounds/foley. I wanted to share this today.

The Spoon Raccoon

I collect spoons for a living.
Because this is a comic, I don't need money.
The fridge is always full.
And I love spoons.