Be like the Bird

Be like the bird, who
Halting in his flight
on limb too slight
feels it give way beneath him,
yet sings
knowing he hath wings.

victor hugo
Joie de Vivre

Ravens vs. Steelers

We attended our first NFL game! I might have been to a Commander’s game (formerly the Redskins) as a kid, but my memory on that is fuzzy.

Like most Baltimore fans, I’m interested in seeing the Ravens defeat Pittsburgh. Alas, it was not to be (17-10). Having already locked up the 1-seed and the first-round bye in the AFC, Lamar Jackson sat this game out, along with a lot of other starters. We had fun watching Tyler Huntley.

All that said, game conditions were pretty miserable. It poured rain the entire game, with the temperate around 36°. Lots of incomplete and some fumbles, not to mention freezing, soaking wet socks and jeans.

Even with the loss, I loved it, and we had a great time!


Quoth the Raven