Trust Science

Have you found yourself wondering how, in 2020, sound scientific advice is ignored? I have.

Here are the last of my vintage Altoid dioramas. Trust Science, my friends.

Ear Canal
Circulation system
Rib cage
Astigmatism test
The Brain

My October Pals

An Altoids Smalls tin, with my fingers for scale.

A doctor, a devil, a pumpkin head, a skeleton, and a witch walk into a scene during the month of October. The skeleton asks for a glass of almond milk, and the witch passes him a glass and a mop.

Altoids smalls with a doctor, a devil, a pumpkin head, a skeleton, and a witch.

Roller Coaster

I helped Leezle explore a STEM science project for school. She designed a roller coaster. She wanted it to be music based. I found an old guitar in some trash (where else would a raccoon be?) and picked up an old, used violin. She decided the guitar body worked better.

We were able to meet the requirements of the assignment, and we proved that SCIENCE does, in fact, exist.