Attributions of Hysteria

cut paper diorama in altoids tin showing woman using belt vibrator

Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla

I made this as a gift for a friend. These two were friends, I’m told.

These were gifts, too, documented here for posterity. The first is for podcaster, Rob Lee, with whom I had a nice conversation about a month ago. I’m not sure how to link to a podcast, but Rob is Baltimore’s biggest fan, highlighting her artists, makers and great people. Check out The Truth in the Art.

Sadie was a sweet old girl who went over the rainbow bridge after enjoying one last cheese burger. Rest well, Sadie. You are missed!


Dr. Fauci finally joined the Orioles

I love this guy, and all he’s done for us.


Ok, Zoomer

Last winter, the Hamilton Gallery presented the Bearing Witness show online, not knowing how/when the pandemic was going to resolve.

Lucky for all, it will be in person this summer! I had submitted Pestilence Rides Out for the digital show. I’ve been collecting my thoughts and objects regarding this time in our lives, and decided to make another piece for the in person exhibit.

I’ve watched my daughters finish their respective school careers online. I’ve worked remotely for over a year. And attended many meetings on Webex, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Shadowbox diorama that looks like a zoom call with 20 characters.
Same: Shadowbox diorama that looks like a zoom call with 20 characters.
framed shadowbox hanging on a gallery wall

A lot of these characters kept me company and/or otherwise occupied throughout the pandemic. I take my mask off to them, my good friends.


Trust Science

Have you found yourself wondering how, in 2020, sound scientific advice is ignored? I have.

Here are the last of my vintage Altoid dioramas. Trust Science, my friends.

Ear Canal
Circulation system
Rib cage
Astigmatism test
The Brain

My October Pals

An Altoids Smalls tin, with my fingers for scale.

A doctor, a devil, a pumpkin head, a skeleton, and a witch walk into a scene during the month of October. The skeleton asks for a glass of almond milk, and the witch passes him a glass and a mop.

Altoids smalls with a doctor, a devil, a pumpkin head, a skeleton, and a witch.