When I visited San Fransisco last fall, I met this wonderful old gal. Her name is Gina, and she’s since gone over the rainbow bridge. It was lovely to get to know her a bit while staying with her parents.

Gina the dog

I made this diorama for Gina’s folks. They told me that raccoons come into the house at night through the dog panel in their door. I was so envious!

Front view of diorama
Left view of diorama
Right view of diorama
Top view of diorama
WIP view.

Hope is in the Ocean

Here’s an empty can of clams – well, it was empty.

An old can of bumble bee clams
A woman coming out of a fish holding an anchovy eel
Hope is in the ocean.


It was a little over a year ago that I made the first Charon shadow box. This is for an upcoming show at the Hamilton Gallery, and it seemed like a good “warm-up” for the upcoming work I will be making for this show.

This measure 10″ x 10″ and it about 2″ deep, and shows Charon guiding a ship through the Dead Sea toward the Land of the Dead.

Detail of Charon guiding a ship through the dead sea.
The assembled diorama, with Charon guiding a ship through the dead sea.
Detail of the ship and its layers, cut from paper.

Any Port in a Storm

Hand with Altoid tin
Man's Face
Inside the diorama
Detail shot

And here is what really is going on inside that head…


The Ghost of Triton

My dad and I used to eat smokey kippered herring on saltines, when I was a kid. The tins came with a key that would open the can. If you didn’t do it correctly, a little metal tab would snap off and it was difficult to get the can open.

This scene shows the ghost of Triton, haunting his old haunt. He’s accompanied by old friends. All the eyes glow in the dark. All the eyes except his.

Triton, detail - top of diorama

Triton, detail - middle of diorama

Triton, detail - bottom of diorama