Drink like a Fish!

Here is another piece that is part of the ArtScape exhibition Ebb & Flow.

Artscape runs from July 17-19. Please go to the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Fox Building; 1301 Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21217.

My original sketches have a lot of sea detritus to accompany this fishwife. I opted to go with “less is more” and left it out of the final version (although I did enjoy cutting out several fish skeletons).

This is the first diorama I’ve completed in one of several copper and aluminum fish molds that I recently acquired.

drinker-set-em-updrink-like-a-fish drinker-WIPdrinker-scales

Her scales alone took me (almost) 3 days to complete. I made each row separately and attached with shims underneath to raise them ever so slightly.

featured-drinkerdrinker-finished-white-background Drinker-full-red

I also have spoons in this show, all of which are for sale. I hope to see you at Artscape!

Let us not, dear friends, forget our dear friends, the cuttlefish.

I have a bunch of spoons in ArtScape, which is part of an exhibition called Ebb & Flow. ArtScape runs from July 17-19 and my work will be in Maryland Institute College of Art’s Fox Building; 1301 Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21217.




Chloe’s Fish Bowl

Another old pottery piece I made when working at the hospital – for my daughter, Chloe.




I love you, Chloe.

Glass Half _______

This is an idea I presented for this summer’s Artscape “Ebb and Flow” exhibit in Baltimore. I filled a glass to exactly the halfway point – the viewer’s job is to fill in the blank: half what? Full? Empty? Both full AND empty?

Water is the most valuable fluid (and, really, substance) on the planet. We are made of water. And yet, there are huge piles of trash floating in the ocean. I recently met with some research faculty that discovered horrible bacteria in the Chesapeake Bay (and Atlantic Ocean) which is a truly lethal byproduct of fertilizer run-off.

This piece wasn’t accepted for the exhibit. But it’s still worth thinking about our water.


The Four Sea Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Sea Horsemen of the Apocalypse, made from sea shells, acrylic paint and gouache. Death’s seahorse glows in the dark.


These are for sale in my shop