The Ghost of Triton

My dad and I used to eat smokey kippered herring on saltines, when I was a kid. The tins came with a key that would open the can. If you didn’t do it correctly, a little metal tab would snap off and it was difficult to get the can open.

This scene shows the ghost of Triton, haunting his old haunt. He’s accompanied by old friends. All the eyes glow in the dark. All the eyes except his.

Triton, detail - top of diorama

Triton, detail - middle of diorama

Triton, detail - bottom of diorama

The Four Sea Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Sea Horsemen of the Apocalypse, made from sea shells, acrylic paint and gouache. Death’s seahorse glows in the dark.


These are for sale in my shop



For Sale

Spoon, paper, acrylic paint, resin.
October, 2013

$40+ flat rate shipping to the US (please email me ( if outside the USA).


My third sea critter this week. The Seahorse carries a key inside…


For Illustration Friday’s “paisley” prompt. I read on Wikipedia that paisleys are sort of like Yin/Yang, so it must be true. The first image was drawn with an old fashioned nib pen on a scrap of duck canvas and then painted with acrylics – the dime was scanned with it to show scale.  I picked up some acrylic retarder, which slows the drying time of the paint considerably.

The seahorse below that was painted on a scrap of Tyvek house wrap. I’ve drawn on that stuff with sharpies, and wondered how it would hold paint. Tyvek is awesome. It’s extremely durable. The scrap shown here has been outside for three years. And, it’s quite paint-able.

Happy Friday, peeps.