Arister Gifts Diorama

I just scored this clock shadowbox at Goodwill! What a great box! I love finding things like this. I’ve made several other scenes from thrift store treasure.

In my eagerness to get started, I forgot to take the “before” photos. Luckily, there are similar pics of this piece on the Internet. Here’s what this looked like before I took it apart.

Arister Clock Shadowbox
Detail of Arister clock shadowbox

Everything was glued and screwed into the box. I was worried about breaking it as I disassembled the pieces. But, it turned out!

The revised, finished diorama
Upper Panel detail shot
Lower panel detail shot

Here are the scenes before I reassembled to cover and glass.

A black and white cut paper church and graveyard
Scene of skeletons greeting each other

The City of Lost Things

Here’s another shadow box for my upcoming show. It makes use of cut-paper shapes. The City of Lost Things (on Pine Island) is where those things that go missing turn up.

This is in a 10″ x 10″ frame. I forgot to photograph it in my studio after it was fully assembled, so here’s a photo from my phone, which shows how it turned out (in a rough, pixely way).

The City of Lost Things

Three works on display in Greenbelt