Night on Peyote Mountain

Night on Peyote Mountain is a 9″ x 9″ x 2″ shadowbox showing some of my melted action figure guys in a night desert tableau. Made with cut paper, this is a kind of sketch for my next animation. I don’t have a title, but it’s a sequel to The Benefits of Radiation.


Ok, Zoomer

Last winter, the Hamilton Gallery presented the Bearing Witness show online, not knowing how/when the pandemic was going to resolve.

Lucky for all, it will be in person this summer! I had submitted Pestilence Rides Out for the digital show. I’ve been collecting my thoughts and objects regarding this time in our lives, and decided to make another piece for the in person exhibit.

I’ve watched my daughters finish their respective school careers online. I’ve worked remotely for over a year. And attended many meetings on Webex, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Shadowbox diorama that looks like a zoom call with 20 characters.
Same: Shadowbox diorama that looks like a zoom call with 20 characters.
framed shadowbox hanging on a gallery wall

A lot of these characters kept me company and/or otherwise occupied throughout the pandemic. I take my mask off to them, my good friends.


Arister Gifts Diorama

I just scored this clock shadowbox at Goodwill! What a great box! I love finding things like this. I’ve made several other scenes from thrift store treasure.

In my eagerness to get started, I forgot to take the “before” photos. Luckily, there are similar pics of this piece on the Internet. Here’s what this looked like before I took it apart.

Arister Clock Shadowbox
Detail of Arister clock shadowbox

Everything was glued and screwed into the box. I was worried about breaking it as I disassembled the pieces. But, it turned out!

The revised, finished diorama
Upper Panel detail shot
Lower panel detail shot

Here are the scenes before I reassembled to cover and glass.

A black and white cut paper church and graveyard
Scene of skeletons greeting each other


It was a little over a year ago that I made the first Charon shadow box. This is for an upcoming show at the Hamilton Gallery, and it seemed like a good “warm-up” for the upcoming work I will be making for this show.

This measure 10″ x 10″ and it about 2″ deep, and shows Charon guiding a ship through the Dead Sea toward the Land of the Dead.

Detail of Charon guiding a ship through the dead sea.
The assembled diorama, with Charon guiding a ship through the dead sea.
Detail of the ship and its layers, cut from paper.

A Map of What is Known of The Land of the Dead

The final cut paper shadow box for my upcoming show. This map details what little is known about Land of the Dead, and the outlying Pine Island. I made the parchment using a bathtub and a pot of coffee.

Map in frame

This map is the keystone to the whole show, and shows elements of the other pieces on display. It stitches the whole story together.

The Land of the Dead


The Resurrection Research Society

Some folks in the Land of the Dead are as interested in returning to life as we are in staying alive. Here’s a scene from a prestigious philosophical society in the Land of the Dead – The Resurrection Research Society.

This is 10″ x 10″, shown at the bottom.

The Resurrection Research Society

Shelves in the lab

Society members look on

Three works on display in Greenbelt