Here’s a holiday commission I made for a colleague’s parents. They live with a robot named Elgin. Given that prompt, and that they like Jazz…this showed up.

Elgin the dancing Robot
Jazz Musicians
A pup looking in the window

The Resurrection Research Society

Some folks in the Land of the Dead are as interested in returning to life as we are in staying alive. Here’s a scene from a prestigious philosophical society in the Land of the Dead – The Resurrection Research Society.

This is 10″ x 10″, shown at the bottom.

The Resurrection Research Society

Shelves in the lab

Society members look on

Three works on display in Greenbelt

Joie de Mort

Earl Grey

Waking up in the Land of the Dead, our protagonist finds they are not alone! What Joy! What fun, to start the next adventure companionably and fortified with excellent company!

Full view into Earl Grey tin

Joie de Mort

A Love Scene

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tin


Skeletons kissing


Smelly Cat

Day of the Dead Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Diorama