Here’s a holiday commission I made for a colleague’s parents. They live with a robot named Elgin. Given that prompt, and that they like Jazz…this showed up.

Elgin the dancing Robot
Jazz Musicians
A pup looking in the window


Ouija Mint Tin

This was a super fun commission – someone mailed me this tin and asked for a scene. This is a story to which I keep returning.

Ouija scene open

Ouija work in progress

Ouija scene

Here’s the “wanna get weird fellow” again.

Wanna get weird guy

A Love Scene

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Tin


Skeletons kissing


Smelly Cat

Day of the Dead Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Diorama

Death and the Maiden

Made with a heart shaped altoids box:

death-maiden-wings death-maided-open-good death-maided-open