Arister Gifts Diorama

I just scored this clock shadowbox at Goodwill! What a great box! I love finding things like this. I’ve made several other scenes from thrift store treasure.

In my eagerness to get started, I forgot to take the “before” photos. Luckily, there are similar pics of this piece on the Internet. Here’s what this looked like before I took it apart.

Arister Clock Shadowbox
Detail of Arister clock shadowbox

Everything was glued and screwed into the box. I was worried about breaking it as I disassembled the pieces. But, it turned out!

The revised, finished diorama
Upper Panel detail shot
Lower panel detail shot

Here are the scenes before I reassembled to cover and glass.

A black and white cut paper church and graveyard
Scene of skeletons greeting each other

The Colonial Queen

I found this treasure at a yard sale. It needed a little freshening up because it didn’t seem finished. Here is the original (minus the frame):

And here’s the completed version.

P.S. I’ve done a similar piece, which is on view elsewhere.


The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse remain a favorite theme since my first diorama.

I found this “painting” at a local used “painting” store.


I liked the shadow box frame, and I couldn’t pass up returning the riders to their rides as they ride out.