A drawing of John Malkovich in an Altoids tin

The Red Herrings


Area 51

My friend Corrie Parks gave me this tin last spring. Dan Bailey brought it back for her after a trip.

I made this little tableau and returned it to her. I didn’t get a photo of the fact that the saucer glows in the dark.

Approximately 2.24″ x 1.2″.


Velvet Elvis

I made this for Beverly’s mother – she adores Elvis!

The bottom half is floating over velvet, which is a first for me. The dog is a the late Sadie.


Hope is in the Ocean

Here’s an empty can of clams – well, it was empty.

An old can of bumble bee clams
A woman coming out of a fish holding an anchovy eel
Hope is in the ocean.

The Ghost in the Grandmother Clock

Tin box shaped like a house

The inspiration for this comes from family, and in particular, my grandmother.

Rosamond Laurie Doran died before I was born, in Panama.  She was a nurse.

The names on the tombstones belong to the dead raccoons that were killed by cars. They are buried in my yard.

graveyard with tombstones

There is a ghost in the clock – shrouded, because I’ve never met this particular ghost.

inside the haunted house

Ghost in the grandmother clock

Symbols of the Doran Family

Above the bolo knife is a painting my grandmother made.  It’s the only thing I have of hers.  It hangs in my dining room, and she signed it. She was quite beautiful.

Rosamond Doran

I often sense that she looks after me.

Grandma Doran's painting

Tiny paper-cut flowers