In the Name of Research


Thy body is a temple. Here are some of the deities found there, anthropomorphized for your connivence in a vintage laxative tin.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain this. Especially not the Virgin Thumbnail or Nosetradamus. I’m sure you aren’t going to ask.


No one is lonely in the Land of the Dead.

This is part two of “In the Eye of the Beholder,” where I consider the mourning aspect of “eye miniatures.” It would be a fine thing if we could still visit with our Loves by gazing into their painted eye portrait, should we become separated by the veil of physical mortality.

Here, we have a street scene at the Port Authority of the Land of the Dead (inside another eye rinse cup) complete with hanging skull lanterns, musicians and the smallest raccoon I’ve yet to draw.


Silent as the Grave: A Melancholy, Part Two

Following up with our grackle who traded his arm for some rum at the Butcher Block Bar, we find him visiting the grave of said arm. This diorama features the smallest skull I’ve ever made. Our grackle is wondering why he wasn’t allowed to keep the bones – it would be a lot simpler than having to visit the grave of his arm. You know?

Like a Fish needs a Bicycle

I’m super excited about this, which is the first of three in a the longer series of recycling objects into dioramas. I think I could perform eye surgery after making this. Heck, I probably need eye surgery.  Here’s some WIPS from this one:


There’s always a bigger fish in the food chain.