I’m Speaking at WordCamp NYC

I got the word last night that my proposal for integrating jQuery in WordPress theme/plugin design has been accepted. I’m beside myself with excitement – I’ve been looking forward to attending this for months, and to actually have the chance to present a talk is awesome. I’ve meet so many cool people at these things, and this event is shaping up to be a blockbuster with multiple tracks (eduction, WordPress as a CMS, MU, designers/developers, enthusiasts, etc.).

WordCamp NYC

Slides, files and notes coming soon – stay tuned.

P.S. If anyone has any cheap lodging ideas, please write!!!





5 responses to “I’m Speaking at WordCamp NYC”

  1. Chas. Avatar

    Dude–that’s great! You are such a rock star (still).

  2. Zac Avatar

    Woot woot! This is gonna be a great trip! Can’t wait to hear your talk.

  3. RJ Avatar

    CoNgRaTs Mr Jim!!!

  4. Alice Avatar

    great news! look forward to seeing the slides. and thanks for popping in at my blog too :-)

  5. neil Avatar

    Nice work man!

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