SocialDevCamp East

SocialDevCamp Fall 2008
SocialDevCamp Fall 2008

Following up on the successful premiere of SocialDevCampEastSpring2008, held in Baltimore in May, SocialDevCamp East Fall 2008 once again invites east coast developers and technology business leaders to come together for a thoughtful discussion of the ideas and technologies that will drive the future of the social web.

SocialDevCamp Fall 2008
SocialDevCamp Fall 2008

I’m new to BarCamps – this is a great thing. We met in the morning and, as a group, listed a bunch of topics (Building sustainable co-working in Baltimore, iPhone Apps, Best practices in building your online community, etc.) – and then we broke out and presented/discussed/worked on these topics. Talk about user generated content!

Session Organizing
Session Organizing

At one of the sessions, I won a shuffle! Golly!


More to follow…





8 responses to “SocialDevCamp East”

  1. Jody Avatar

    You won an iPod shuffle!!! I’m sooo jealous. I’ve been wanting one to take with me to the gym.

    Your conference sounds cool!

  2. Scott Avatar

    Wow man. That looks awesome. I need to get on the list for some of these events.

  3. Aaron Avatar


    Look forward to your write-up. Sorry that we didn’t cross paths at the conference. I was there for a few of the sessions.


  4. GOD Avatar

    well done, my friend, well. done. a little thanks would go a long way…

  5. Charlie Avatar

    Outrageous! I need to party with you dudes. The name’s a little clunky, though… how about calling it “middle-aged guys with laptops”?

  6. Ruben Avatar

    Totally different commenter here. So this was kinda like a sci-fi convention, only without women in costumes.

  7. Dagmar Avatar

    Hey, Jim-
    Great meeting you at the conference. Sorry you couldn’t stick around for our awesome Dungeons & Dragons tournament afterward.

  8. tam Avatar

    happy post election day :)

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