Web Accessibility Conference, 2008

At long last, the day is here. After almost a full year of planning, the Johns Hopkins Web Accessibility Conference will take place today.

web blocks

I’m delighted to say that I’m giving a talk on the basics of CSS and you can download my materials here. My presentation slides, the examples and sample site are available in a zip file. I’ve been teaching the in-and-outs of CSS for two years, sometimes in a semester long format, sometimes in a single day. This is my first shot at an hour and fifteen minute long overview.

[Update: I’m writing from the conference. There are about 140 attendees. That’s more than the sum of all co-workers at every small company I’ve ever worked for. My talk went well!]

If you came to the conference, thank you! I hope it was helpful!

I’ve donated my own time to create this presentation and these materials – I didn’t get paid to do this. I think accessibility is important, and I think that if we all strive to make web sites using the standards provided by the W3 – as flawed as the process is – we will  shape that path we all are on – developers and designers, web users and browser makers.




2 responses to “Web Accessibility Conference, 2008”

  1. Roni Avatar

    You should have told me earlier! I would have come. :~(
    Or did you and I’m too scatterbrained to remember? Which is very likely. :~P

  2. Jim Doran Avatar

    Roni (and Scott), it was only for JHU people, sadly. I would have made you guys come otherwise.

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