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WordCamp NYC jQuery Slides

jQuery Wordcamp NYC slides

This weekend,  @zgordon and I decended on Baruch College in New York City with 740+ other WordPress peeps for two very full days of WordPress. I gave an introductory jQuery talk to a receptive crowd on Saturday afternoon.

I covered:

  • A look at the current state of jQuery
  • A look at DOM manipulation and some popular aspects of jQuery
  • An overview of some handy plugins, including browser fixes, gallery tools, AJAX/JSON, etc.
  • Adding jQuery to WordPress themes

At long last…

My slides are here. Enjoy. If you were there, please let me know what you thought!




I was asked to give an ignite style 5 minute talk the next day. I was really tired and I don’t think it worked very well as a short talk. Five minutes just wasn’t enough!

I came away with a lot, more of which will appear here in the future. It was great to catch up with Jeremy Clarke and Rebekah (I’ve downloaded net beans), hang out with Jim Groom and to meet Baltimore’s own John Bintz of Comic PressAndrea_r and Ron, pillars of the MU community, we even nicer in person.  I loved Noel Jackson’s talk on P2/Monotone. I had a great conversation with Dan Milward as we walked to Baruch on Day 2.

Thank you to everyone who attended my talk! What a great weekend!

P.S. Thank Zac for the photos and helping me out so much!