May Sketch 2

Fruit of the Loom Hat
More train sketches are on flickr for May’s challenge.

Remember those old fruit of the loom commercials with the guys in the fruit suits on the labels? To bad they didn’t make hats!


I haven’t figured a good way to fill a space with black ink in a Moleskine. If I use a sharpie, it bleeds through the page to the other side. This looks pretty acceptable in real life, but the scan shows otherwise.




2 responses to “May Sketch 2”

  1. neil Avatar

    Hmmm, the fruit guys in her hat sure *look* friendly. But I wouldn’t trust them after you go to sleep.

  2. leah Avatar

    have you tried india ink (from a bottle?) I’m not sure if it would bleed, but it might be worth a shot.