Joie de Vivre

A Fabulous Holiday Weekend

1. I am recovering nicely from Lyme disease – my fatigue is improving. I am so grateful.

2. I returned to my beloved Kung Fu school last week. I’m definitely on the mend.

3. I’m also deliriously happy about the fact that friends gave us a POOL this weekend. A POOL!

goils in the pool

4. I had crawfish for the first time (and it’s weird that it’s taken me this long to eat them)


5. I cleaned up my old family kitchen table and put it in the back corner of the barn. It makes a fabulous drawing table.


6. I had a fine time with some drawings. This is for the sketchbook swap:

The Old Man and the Sea Turtle Skeleton

7. This is sketch of an idea I have, on 8″ X 2.5′ paper (pen, ink):

Giant Jellyfish

8. There’s more on flickr.

And summer is just getting under way! Completely awesome.