How to make a simple stop motion camera platform

Here is a Bogen camera stand, which is used mostly for stop motion animation. It’s lovely. The nice thing about the Bogen is how easy it is to raise and lower the camera. The less good thing is, it’s expensive.


This is a simple camera stand which can be also used for stop motion animation. I designed this one for a DSLR camera, but you can easily convert it for use with an iPhone or a point-and-shoot camera.


I made a base with smooth spruce plywood attached to 2×2’s. I wanted it to be solid and sturdy, but not ridiculously heavy.

Underside of the base

I attached the flange to the far end of the base with wood screws.


I bought a 36″ galvanized steel pipe – it’s studier than plastic PVC pipes, and it’s essential that the camera not wiggle or shift on the pole.  I would like to try a longer piece, but this one works.


To hold the camera, I use a Manfrotto 035RL Super Clamp with 2908 Standard Stud and a EXMAX Tripod Mini Ball Head for DSLR Camera Camcorder Light Bracket Swivel 1/4″ Screw.jointClamp

Which looks like this:clamp

One of the things I use this stand for is filming “flip” animation. I bought a peg bar from Light Foot limited.


I tape the bar to a light box and put a sheet of paper on the peg bar. I draw something on the sheet, and then put another blank sheet on top. I can draw a slightly different drawing, creating each frame of the animation by hand.


Then, I put the peg bar on the camera stand, and shoot each drawing individually.



I haven’t attached any lights to the side of this stand, because I also use it as the base of a multi-plane camera stand (instructions are here).

P.S. I put the apple stickers over two screw holes that were a little rough. Apple had nothing to do with the construction of this stand. :)

If you make one, or have suggestions or different ideas, please email me at