Shrunken Heads and Indiana Jones

I am fairly certain that I am the only one here who enjoys the Baltimore heat and humidity. I love it. I crave this weather. But, like Tigger, I’m the only one.

To beat the heat, daughter #1 suggested we make shrunken heads for her upcoming birthday party.

Shrinking heads

We usually do a theme party in June – last year it was “The Bitter Birthday,” in which everyone dressed as various characters from Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” We played games like “Run Away Screaming,” “Murder” and even had an “In Auction.” I was Count Olaf, a role I’ve been ever playing since.

This year, she is thinking it would be fun to twist last year’s theme into “The Unfortunate Victims” party. I haven’t figured out how to sell that to the parents of her 10 year old friends, but it works for me.

I noticed daughter #2 diligently peeling her own apple, never one to be left out. Alas, it was destined for her stomach and not cannibal island.

Apple head eating an apple head

The heads are currently in the mad scientist’s lab soaking in a salt solution. I’ll post more photos as they, um, shrink.

NEXT, we decided to venture off to the nearest cineplex for the new Indiana movie.

My goils and I, off to air conditioning

In the lobby of the theater, there’s a life size, true to scale fiberglass replica of the Hulk. It’s easily one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time, and I very much want to have it for my garden. Note the detail in the roof of his mouth.

The Hulk Garden Statue

He’s TOTALLY a garden statue.

A very nice Sunday all around.





4 responses to “Shrunken Heads and Indiana Jones”

  1. neil Avatar

    “Hulk demand vegetable grow! NOW!!!!!”

    I agree he’d look sweet in the garden.

  2. parisa mahmoudi Avatar

    You three are look so great :)

  3. Roni Avatar

    I thought I was the only one who liked the heat! I get tired of people complaining about it. All winter they’ve complained about the cold and now, FINALLY, it’s hot and they want to turn on the air?!? I think they are all crazy!

    Love the pics, the shrunken heads, and the hulk. Glad you had a great Sunday!

  4. tam Avatar

    what a lovely family :) what fun birthdays! i too am digging this heat wave. heat and some water to jump into, that is nirvana.

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