This post goes with the last post. In thinking about Orwell’s 1984, I’ve refactored the four ministries of the inner party to reflect big data and analytics. Just for fun, of course.

Ministry of Truth (Newspeak: Minitrue):


Ministry of Plenty (Newspeak: Miniplenty):


Ministry of Peace (Newspeak: Minipax):

Note: there are “wires” coming out of the CAT-5 cable he’s holding – it’s thread. It got a little lost in the resin, but, it’s there.minipax


Ministry of Love (Newspeak: Miniluv):



August, 2013

$100 for all four spoons + flat rate shipping to the US (please email me ( if outside the USA).

All four dioramas are made with old spoons, paper, resin, ink, acrylic, thread. And all four look much better in real life, I promise. Big Brother wants you to have these.


Big Brothers are Watching You




I don’t think this post (nor the next one) requires much explanation. I read 1984 (again) and am still impressed with Orwell’s clarity and vision.



Web Stuff

Springbrook Web Conference

Today, I spoke at Springbrook High School on “Building Your Brand” with some awesome free Web tools. I usually avoid talking about subjects like branding and social media in favor of technical/functional things, but this was for a good cause. My pal Zac Gordon is doing outstanding things in Web education, which I DO care about.

Two of my favorite people teach at the same school. None of us were aware of the connection until Chas saw a picture of Zac and I on flickr. Funny old world.

As a bonus, I got to see Chas and sit in on a little bit of life drawing. Springbrook is lucky to have both these guys. One of them alone can make a big difference in kids’ lives – two of them, well, whoah.

The conference had 500 seats available, and there were people at the door still trying to get in, which makes me guess it was sold out. It’s so cool that 500+  kids are interested in learning about Web design and development.

My talk covered what a “brand” is and isn’t, citing Marty Neumeier’s The Brand Gap. I then discussed free tools for publishing stuff on the Web. I talked about the goals I’ve been able to accomplish with my WordPress site, and explored the merits of Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. I thought it was interesting that the room exploded when I showed the Tumblr slide – but not really all that surprising.  I talked about managing one’s online presence, getting a domain and being good Web citizens.

Pretty Awesome.

Also, I didn’t fall off the stage into the orchestra pit. Win.

4 photos by Chester Lam

The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier